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Becoming a Highstepper



For young women wishing to become a Highstepper in the future, dance training is highly recommended.  Also, the McCullough Junior High School Highland Girls drill team is also an excellent way to prepare for the Highstepper program.


Tryouts are held each spring at The Woodlands High School senior campus.  Prior to the tryouts, the Highsteppers hold a mini-camp to help try-out candidates with learning the choreography and proper technique.  Questions regarding key dates and other requirements can be obtained by contacting Director Hays early in the school year.​​​​



The initial cost of participation in the Highstepper program depends on the number of practice items purchased by each member.  During the annual New Member meeting, team members are invited to attend the annual Highstepper Garage Sale where graduating seniors sell gently used items.  Members also have an opportunity at this meeting to purchase any new team wear (including the "shoes") that may be needed for the coming year, as well as any spirit wear the member may wish to own.  Orders are also taken for parent clothing for the coming season.


Throughout the year, the Parent Club also sponsors fundraisers designed to assist the team with costs that are incurred for travel, competitions, etc.

Time Commitment


The Highstepper schedule is year-round and requires committment from each member. Dancers can expect daily practice of 2-3 hours including class time and after school. After-school practice usually runs daily from 3:15pm to 5:15pm during football and competition seasons. The team also starts daily practice in August before the school year commences.

Highstepper tryouts are held each spring.

Check this site for detailed information on the mini-camp and tryout requirements and schedule.


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