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2022-2023 TEAM

There are 70 members of the 2022-2023 Woodlands High School Highsteppers.  The team is made up of the following members:


  • 14 Seniors

  • 24 Juniors

  • 15 Sophomores

  • 17 Freshman


The original team consisted of 35 young women.  Then, as now, the members of the team are chosen by a panel of judges, usually former Highsteppers themselves.  They are judged in the area of kick height, technique, and overall dance ability. 


Once on the team, all dancers are required to try out for each performance.

Heather Hays - Director

Heather grew up in The Woodlands and was a Highstepper from

2001-2004 where she served as an officer her junior and senior year. Following TWHS graduation, she attended Kilgore College where she was a Rangerette.  She completed her education at Baylor University with a degree in Elementary Education. While at Baylor, Heather was a member of the Baylor Songleaders Dance Team where she served as Captain her senior year. Heather taught Kindergarten and first grade for four years before moving to the high school level to teach dance. She is married to John Hays who also teaches and coaches at TWHS. Heather was excited to be back at her alma mater teaching and serving as the assistant to her Highstepper director and mentor, Deanna Smith. In 2021 Heather Hays became Director of TWHS Highsteppers.

Emily has lived in The Woodlands almost her whole life and has danced competitively with multiple studios in The Woodlands. Emily was a Highland Girl from 2011-2013 and was an officer her eighth-grade year. Emily was a Highstepper from 2013-2017 under the direction of Deanna Smith while the current director, Mrs. Hays was the assistant. Emily was a Highstepper officer her junior and senior year and Major her senior year. Emily attended The University of Arkansas and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. In addition to being the Highstepper assistant, Emily teaches Sociology and Psychology at The Woodlands High School.

Emily Shreve - Assistant Director


Until 2020 the Highsteppers had only had two directors since the start of the team in 1976:  Kathy Harlan and Deanna Smith.


Ms. Smith was a Highstepper under Mrs. Harlan's tutelage from 1979 to 1982 and had been the Director of the Highsteppers from 1998 to 2020.  In addition to directing the Highsteppers, Ms. Smith taught Government at

The Woodlands High School.


Past Directors
Kathy Harlan & Deanna Smith


Officers Group.jpg

The 2022 - 2023 Highstepper Officers are:


  • Major - Eli G.

  • Lt. Major - Gwynn J.

  • Captain - Emma K.

  • Lieutenants - Anika S., Daniela L., Emma D., Abigail K., Isabella O., Sydney R.


Officers choreograph dances, develop younger dancers and assist the Director by demonstrating strong leadership and organizational abilities throughout the year.

Social Committee

The 2022 - 2023 Highstepper Social Committee:

  • Senior Class Representatives: Abi G., Kat H., Hayden H., Morgan K., Ann-Elise M., Chloe M., Sophie S., Laney S.

  • Junior Class Representatives: Kate E., Mia F., Olivia J. 

  • Sophomore Class Representatives: Josie P., Sophie S.   

  • Freshman Class Representatives: Elle H., Harper O.


The Social Committee serves as the team ambassadors both internally within The Woodlands High School and externally promoting good relationships and friendly competition with rival high schools.

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